COVID-19 Daydreams

The social isolation has caused me to spend a great deal of time daydreaming about all the things I’d like to do after the lockdown ends.  Window shopping at the Stanford Shopping Center I noticed a Patek Philippe watch on display.  The price was astronomical and I didn’t really understand why.  I love gadgets but this timepiece fell short in that department as it didn’t even have a second hand.

What it did have for a complication was a rotating dial that displayed twenty-four separate cities and locations each in a different timezone.  After some thought I concluded that it’d be cheaper and a good deal more enjoyable to visit each of those twenty-four locations and blog about it.  I suppose you could call it the Patek Philippe world tour.  It’s just a fun little pie-in-the-sky fantasy to pass the time.

But who knows?  I suppose if I really set my mind to it I could make it reality and I’m sure the memories would last a lifetime.  Sometimes fantasies help up get through difficult and lonely times.