Game of Thrones Season 8 Disaster and How to Fix It

The verdict is in.  Season 8 of Game of Thrones is an embarrassment and a complete debacle.  However I know how to set it right.   Before I explain please allow me to remind you of a bit of TV history.  The writers of the highly rated TV series Dallas realized that Season 9 wasn’t up to their previously high standards so they ended the last episode with a humdinger of a cliffhanger.  Recently widowed and remarried Pamela Ewing, played by Victoria Principal, awakes the day after her wedding and enters the bathroom only to discover that her previously deceased first husband Bobby Ewing, Patrick Duffy, is very much alive and in the shower!  How can this be?  At the end of Season 8 Bobby suffered fatal injuries while pushing Pam out of the way of an oncoming car only to be struck himself.  Fans of the show had to wait for four months for an explanation.

At the beginning of Season 10 Bobby explains to the befuddled Pam that she simply dreamed the last moments of the last episode of Season 8 as well as all but the last few minutes of Season 9.  Not only that, she had cross dreamed into the Dallas spinoff series Knots Landing.   But the important thing to remember is that since Bobby had never been hit by that car he’d never died in the first place and so Pam hadn’t actually married Mark.  Interestingly enough parts of Pam’s Season 9 dream were clairvoyant as they foretold events of Season 10 but no one seemed to make the connection.  No I’m not making this up; how could I?  But the viewers were willing to accept this.  Dallas remained a top rated show and went on for another four season as well as a revival. 

Which brings me to GOT.   Be forewarned, there will be spoilers.  I suggest that the producers film one more episode.  This episode will begin with Tyrion Lannister awakening with a wicked hangover after a night of debauchery.   At first he’ll be confused as to why he isn’t Hand to Bran the Broken.  Someone, it doesn’t really matter who, will inform him that he dreamed all of Season 8.  We now move forward to the Battle of Winterfell.  But this time around Arya Stark slips on a banana peel, or whatever the Westeros equivalent of a banana peel is, and fails to stab the Night King.  Thus the White Walkers take the castle and win the battle.  In the closing scene we see all our favorite GOT characters now members of the Army of the Dead marching south to take Kings Landing.  Roll credits!  Please like if you think my ending is better than GOT Season 8. 

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