Statue of Theodore Roosevelt Museum of Natural History

The Descent of Trump 

COVID-19 Daydreams

SCOTUS Ruling on LGBT Rights 

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 “Dark Side of the Moon” Review   

Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster and Paul Newman’s Rolex

First Post Lockdown Restaurant Meal 

Oreo: A Good Cat

Oreo The Courageous Cat

COVID-19:  Palo Alto is Slowly Reopening

The no Good Very Bad Day at the Palo Alto Airport

The View from my Father’s Grave

9/11 “Truther”

Keep on Exploring 

Alien Crash Site Silicon Valley

Interest in Astronomy

The Young Astronomer 

Signpost at Steve Job’s House

The Great American Eclipse: Part 8

The Great American Eclipse: Part 7

The Great American Eclipse: Part 6

The Great American Eclipse: Part 5

The Great American Eclipse: Part 4

The Great American Eclipse: Part 3

The Great American Eclipse: Part 2

The Great American Eclipse: Part 1

Stanford Commencement Weekend 2017

Edmund Scientific Astroscan Telescope

$2,550,000 Palo Alto Cottage 

Palo Alto Fender-Bender

Wild Turkey of Silicon Valley

Pending Kidney Transplant

Amnesty International Recruiter

Field Trip to San Francisco

Godspeed John Glenn (1921-2016)

The Monterey Moon Tree

1957 de Havilland Beaver

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Clint Eastwood’s Pickup Truck

Gotham City comes to Silicon Valley

Lick Observatory’s Carnegie Double Astrograph

Riding the Dome of the Shane Telescope

Art in Public Places 

Eclipse Expedition T-Shits

Female Stanford Sphinx

Unofficial Stanford Sphinx Naming Contest

The Sore Loser & Second Amendment “Jokes”

Donald Trump on Illegal Immigrants.

Willie Mays Sculpture AT&T Park

Apollo 11 Splashdown 47th Anniversary

Grand Marnier Soufflé

Paifang Sideview

Mountain Top Paifang   

Palo Alto Arts Fair

Red Caboose 

Fly for MS

I Speak for the Trees!

Stanford Wacky Walk 2016

Stanford University Graduation 2016

Lost Dog “Laika”

RoboCop has Arrived

San Andreas Fault

Memorial Day 2016

The Ghost of Silicon Valley Past

Donuts or Health Food 

Larry Ellison’s Racing Yacht #2

Fowl Family

On the Train

Moffett Field’s last Orion 

Dead Tech:  The Archaeology of the Future Part 2

Eyesore or Art? 

Telegraph Ave. Berkeley

Just Chillin’ 

A Stanford Student 

STAR WARS Wildstyle Graffiti

A Reminder of Racial Segregation

The Joys of Insomnia

Snoopy and Friend

Golden Gate Bridge

Silicon Valley Shopping Cart

The E-mail Tree

Roadside Diner in a Yellow Caboose 

Stanford Powwow 2016

The Burghers of Calais 

Gay Pride Flag over First Baptist Church

Child Car Seat 1920 Style

1955 Gullwing Mercedes-Benz

Sikorsky S-58ET

Silicon Valley Secret

Golden Gate Bridge

Dog & Motorcycle

Early California

Indiana Jones’ Flying Boat

R.I.P. Victor Frost

The Yoda of San Anselmo

Leica Specialist

Original Self-taught Artist

Caught Red Handed

A School in Malawi

New Year’s Resolution #1

Silicon Valley Traffic Jam

Happy Donuts Chess

Halloween Tree

Apple Store Palo Alto

Silicon Valley Raccoon


Palo Alto Fixer Upper

1969 Volkswagon Van

The Wolverine Vagabond

Jehovah’s Witnesses & Transfusions

“I’m not a Heroic Guy.”

Trike Motorcycle

Palo Alto since 1954

Stanford Geocache Found

Diabolical Stanford Geocache

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

Boy & Penguin

Haunted House of Mt. Hamilton

Mt. Hamilton School

Abandon Telescope Dome

Stanford University Wacky Walk 2015

Stanford Wacky Walk Zebra #2

Stanford Wacky Walk Zebra

Stanford University Class of 2015

If Attendant is Sleeping

Blown Transmission

Yoda, San Anselmo California

Schrodinger’s Cat


Galileo Moon



Inside the Bookmobile

San Mateo County Bookmobile

Chainsaw Sculpter

First Order Fresnel Lens

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Bay Area Drum Circle

Hoover Dam from the Air

The Hoover Dam

Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tilman Memorial Bridge

Viva Las Vegas

Larry Ellison’s Racing Yacht

Instrument Panel of Ford Tri-Motor

Flying the Ford Tri-Motor

Feline of Silicon Valley

Yellow Car

1929 Ford Tri-Motor

Two Old Cars

How to identify a Pirate

Half Moon Bay Jail

Cool Blue Car

Palo Alto Courtyard

Deer & Two Fawns

Palo Alto Firefighters

Stanford after Sunset

Palo Alto Duck & Friend

Baylands Ranger Station

Flag at Half Mast

USS Arizona Memorial

Roadside Dining

Food Truck on Oahu

Juggling on a Tightrope

Nikola Tesla


Silicon Valley Lunch Counter

Old Farm Equipment

Abandoned Farm Equipment

Railroad Equipment

El Camino Real

Today in Microfashion

Moon over Union Square

Food Truck Art Gecko

Food Truck Art Dragon

Food Truck Art Panda

HoSV Swag 

Pencil Bike

World War 2 Vet

Food Truck Art Detail

Palo Alto Ball Park

HoSV Zippo

Big Ram Skull and Horn

El Palo Alto

Street Art

Eddie Andreini’s Sweet Ride

Palo Alto Tragedy

Street Musician

Cigar Store “Indian”

The Mystery Machine

Palo Alto K-9

Palo Alto Wildlife

Point Lobos State Reserve

Silicon Valley Wildlife

First Integrated Circuit

Stanford Totem Pole Detail

Stanford Legacy Totem Pole

Killer Whale


Seagull, Serpent & Snow Leopard

Indiana Jones

Food Truck Man

Foothills Park

The Thinker

Blue Tile

Mother and Child

Cloister Mission Carmel

In the Cloister

Sweet Satsumas

No Limit

Formal Wear VW Van

Moon over Carmel

Beautiful Joe

Food Truck Art

Angel of Grief Stanford University

Palo Alto Homeless

Muhammad Ali Handsome

Self-Driving Car

Eternally Stanford

Beginning of the Internet Age

Migrant Farm Worker 

747 Flight Deck

Whaler’s Cove Point Lobos

Clint Eastwood’s Sweet Ride

Fuel Truck Palo Alto Airport

The Original Golden Spike

The Steve Jobs House

Stanford University Library Demolition

The Grim Reaper in Palo Alto

Stanford University Manhole Cover

Real Window Fake Window

Palo Alto Manhole Cover

Palo Alto’s Alien Crash Site

Palo Alto Park

Giant Silicon Valley Athletes

SJSU Tower

Alien of Northern California

Financial Advisor at HoSV HQ

Art at Stanford

J. Henry Meyer Memorial Library

Stanford Flipside

Stanford Bloodmobile

Palo Alto Weekly

Putin is Your Friend

“Don’t Follow the Herd”

Forgotten Silicon Valley History

Silicon Valley Street Light

Palo Alto Street Fundraiser

Birthplace of “Silicon Valley”

Dead Tech:  The Archaeology of the Future

HoSV Coffee Mug

We Accept Bitcoin

HoSV Logo

Rodin Sculpture Garden Stanford

Dream Machines at Half Moon Bay Airport

The Leica T Undressed

The Leica T

Leica X2

Great Lakes at Palo Alto Airport


Baking Flat Bread


Dog Lady

University Ave.

Palo Alto Train Crossing

Charles M. Schulz Museum

California Avenue Farmers’ Market